Investor Relations

Message from CEO

The chairman’s message usually states something profound and must positively impact all stakeholders. Indeed, the unique business model of APX can do that plus a lot more.  We want our customers to expect a world class service level and set the benchmarks for transparent pricing, delivery options and simple processes in a digital environment. With APX, the customer is always in control.

For our staff we want APX to be a place of learning, as we know well that knowledge is infinite. Promoting learning and creating a healthy and happy working environment will once again reflect on our relationships with customers and vendors.

Working with trucking companies from every part of the country we will foster strong local development for direct benefit of the local communities.

But most of all we are proudly contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions affecting everyone and everything around us.

We are aware this is a big challenge for many reasons but a challenge worth taking.


Uwe Dettmann