Investor Relations

APX Concept

APX MEMBERS are located nationwide which allows you to combine door-to-door pick-ups and deliveries. We offer a fully integrated platform which seamlessly connects carriers with you via APX TECHNOLOGY enables you to ship goods in the simplest possible way, ensuring fast, secure and transparent delivery through APX PALLET utilization.”

  1. “We are creating a digital solution that facilitates business opportunities by sharing resources and knowledge based on the ‘sharing economy’ concept to meet the current market demands more precisely than ever before,” – Uwe Dettmann (Founder & CEO of APX Group)
  2. “We provide a platform that allows users to book their door-to-door shipping instantly. APX system will match each user to APX members who will then send a truck to the pick-up spot and promptly deliver the cargo to the assigned destination” – Sukanya Thamthada (Co-Founder & Chief of People)

  3. “APX Network is the opportunity for trucking companies to expand their sales to remote areas without the need to invest in the infrastructure themselves.” – Rong Piriyapittaya (Head of Network Development)

  4. “Our team has specialists with a deep background and understanding in both operations and services. We assist all members and customers in improving their service standards, and help them to be more competitive in the market.” – Sorawit Tantrakulcharoen (Head of Operations)