Let’s face it. Shipping goods that only use some part of a truck (LTL) is not easy. It starts with phoning around and comparing prices. Some truckers pick up at your door, but many do not and expect you to bring your goods to their warehouse. Departure frequency and service level differ from company to company. When will the truck depart / arrive? When there is enough cargo to fill the truck. So, it depends. Quality commitment? Hard to find.  Pay first, ship later. Insurance? Do not worry, you will find out whether you get paid for any loss or damage when an incident happens. How long is the price valid. Unless you are a big customer, the price can change frequently. These and other experiences are shared to us by shippers.

You no longer need to waste your time and pay good money for poor service.​

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Sell trucking services across the whole country while only connecting to the next hubs 

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How APX solves road transportation problems?

Traditional Trucking Service

  • Unorganized goods = High labour costs

  • Take long time to load and unload goods

  • Empty backhauls

  • Unutilized assets

  • Lack of trust & Transparent pricing

  • Manual documentation process

  • Low service & security level

  • Limited reach and capacity

APX Network

  • Higher safety and lower costs through palletization.

  • Fixed work schedule with nightly trunk hauls. Fast pallet transfer and instant network connection.

  • Consolidated freight flows ensure cargos movement in both directions to and from the hub.

  • Reduce waiting time at the hub with intelligent slot scheduling and planning.

  • Instant Quotation

  • Digitalized transport documentation and customer billing through APX technology

  • APX transport members work according to a single standard. 

  • Nationwide coverage and flexible volumes

How APX benefits

Cost Savings 

Pay as you go – No minimum volume

Flexible services  

Transport insurance  

Nationwide service – To and From anywhere