APX Corporate Responsibility

APX Group has established a strategy for sustainability in 3 dimensions, which are the environment, society, and corporate governance. We aim to support all dimensions through organizational strength and competitiveness to serve stakeholders’ transparency, improve society’s quality of life, as well as environmental preservation in the long run.

“We save money for our customers, increase earnings for our members whilst reducing carbon waste.”

Vision toward sustainability

We ship GREEN.

APX contributes to sustaining the planet for future generations via eco-friendly operations. The APX Network functions in a digital environment, ensuring the most efficient utilization of all assets to help reduce carbon footprint.

We support LOCAL communities.

The carrying members get paid fairly as we cut out the middlemen. It has been proven that the hub-and-spoke model can lower costs through more localized freight exchange points, as well as cutting truck distances, fuel use and costs for members.


APX applies good governance and do right for all employees. Our people will also endlessly develop themselves through the APX learning process and happy workplace.