APX Story

A successful company must be able to adapt to the needs of a market and add value to their customers while taking the socio-economic factors into consideration. With this in mind, our founder Uwe Dettmann, who has dedicated his entire career to logistics in many parts of the world, realised the need for a more transparent and customer focused overland transportation system in Thailand and Southeast Asia.  

Uwe lends on his varied lessons and experiences; stating that “The Only Constant is Change”. In fact, this mantra has been his guiding principle throughout his career, particularly when navigating diverse requirements across different cultures.  


The most neglected area of logistics in the global supply chain has been the trucking. Compared to air freight, ocean freight, warehousing & distribution, etc. It has a much lower profile and as a result sees less attention and improvement. This is even more profound in Southeast Asia where most of the truck freight is carried as single loads on a variety of different sized trucks. Many manufacturers even operate their own fleets of trucks due to the lack of service and level of fragmentation in the market. As a consequence, Thai companies suffer from much higher logistics cost than their counterparts in Europe or USA where the logistics cost can even be up to 50 % cheaper than those in Thailand.  APX aims to tackle this by operating an end-to-end road transport network in Thailand and Southeast Asia. 

Being a completely digitalized company helps us to achieve our goals and contribute to protecting the environment. Road transportation not only has a direct impact on our customers competitiveness and their bottom line, but also and unfortunately impacts the environment. Utilizing existing assets (trucks) in a sharing economy through smart systems will support in developing sustainable competitive transportation costs and a happy and productive working environment for all parties involved in the process, all the way to the driver of the truck. 


We believe that all shippers with road transport requirements should have easy access to fast, reliable and transparent trucking options at any time, for any size of shipment, to and from any location in Thailand. 


Stay competitive – Support Sustainability 


To build the largest LTL network in Asia and make LTL shipping as easy as sending a parcel


Re-imagining the future of distribution by unlocking endless sustainability and efficiency through data-driven solutions.


Keep it simple” is our motto. But to achieve this objective we need to disrupt a market that is presently extremely intransparent, suffering from sub-standard service levels, low efficiency, and excessive cost.  APX aims to be a trustworthy and reliable partner for all who need to transport goods over any distance in Thailand and Southeast Asia.  

We believe that companies should be able to deliver their products daily to any location in Thailand instead of waiting until they have enough volume to fill a truck. 

We want to provide access to reliable and cost-effective trucking solutions to any region in Thailand regardless of their location, unlocking their potential to new markets across Southeast Asia and supporting development in ASEAN. 

We want to support those companies who still rely on using their own trucks or those who continue to ship their goods in the old milk run fashion and thereby creating vast amounts of empty truck space on return journeys.  

Why? Because energy resources are limited and costly and any reduction in energy waste helps to reduce cost and contribute to a better and cleaner environment. 

Yes, we are driving the sharing economy forward, together with our members and partners in every part of Thailand. We are a road transportation network with fixed schedules and connections through hubs located all over the country, delivering goods fast, efficiently and at the lowest cost possible. 

We are not a parcel operator but if you have several packages to be shipped at the same time you will find that our rates and service will be competitive.

Contact us if you like to find out more details about how we can help your business delivering your products safely and efficiently.  

And please contact us if you are interested in a partnership with APX and turn you empty truck journeys into profit. 


APX’s founders have worked in the logistics field for over 40 years. They built multiple successful global logistics businesses. Their deep knowledge in the field of logistics and business in Asia is now combined in a new venture called APX.

Consumer demand and service expectations have risen in the last decade and global logistics has developed consistently to match those needs. Today’s market is considered very mature.

Yet the first and last mile services in Asia for LTL have not kept pace with international development like pallet network services in Europe. Overall, the present LTL services offered are suffering from low digitization, low service levels and waste of precious resources.



Founders of APX have an idea of revolutionizing road freight in SEA




The pioneer team gathers to develop the concept and design the first prototypes

The operational headquarters are set up in Bangkok, Thailand

Seed funding is secured. Evaluating best possible technology options and building core network infrastructure.


Q1-Q3 2021


APX Solutions Pte Ltd is founded in Singapore as a Group Holding

Start developing APX’s web application

Further seed funding secured

Start evaluating potential transportation companies to join APX Network

Q1-Q3 2021

Q4 2021


APX’s application finish development process

Over 25 LOI signed from transportation companies across Thailand

More than 10 staff are joining APX team

Q4 2021

Q1 2022


Completed product testing phase

Acquired 25 members with contract signed covering an area representing approximately 80% of national GDP

Commenced training of members on APX operational principles and service level.

Q1 2022



Soft Go-Live, first pallet shipped using APX’s platform

Acquired additional 5 members (total 30 members)

Expand sales team and maximize sales activity

Over 25 B2B customers start shipping with APX

Build the Future of with APX !

Using sustainability as the basis, the APX founders have used their combined in-depth knowledge in both logistics and tech to create the nationwide digital road transportation solution. APX recognized the urgent need for timely and reliable shipments for all APX customers.​

To serve this demand efficiently, APX has a fully end-to-end team with professional experience in Logistics, Cloud Solutions, and Operations. And APX aims to provide the quality service to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

Here at APX, we are ready to serve all industries and logistics companies.

Meet Our Team

Uwe Dettman

CEO & Founder

Sorawit Tantrakulcharoen

COO / CTO & Co-founder

Sukanya Thamthada

Chief of Staff & Co-founder